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Get high and die

I recently read an article on MSNBC that discussed a new wave of heroin being smuggled into America by Mexicans.  It’s pure, it’s potent, it’s deadly.  Some users can’t even experience a high before the police find them flat on the floor with the needle still stuck in their veins.  Others are found by straws through which they snorted the drug, one of the perks that attracts certain users.  For those that are scared of needles or those that simply don’t want to look like they shoot up, they can snort or smoke the high-potent heroin and still obtain the desired effects.

Another attractive feature of the deadly drug is its price.  You can purchase a bag for a mere $10.  The dealers start low to hook as many people as they can because they know that once they’ve got ’em hooked, they’ll keep coming back, no matter what the price.  If they’re still alive, that is…


Hi. My name’s __________ and I’m an alcoholic…

… although when it came my turn to introduce myself, I was relieved to be able to state that I was simply a visitor.  I had the opportunity to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Murray, UT.  Beforehand, I was a little nervous because I had no idea what to expect.  However, as soon as the meeting began I felt like I was in a familiar place.  It was quite like a testimony meeting at church.  Encouraging, emotional, uplifting, and even spiritual.  The experiences those people shared were so moving.  They spoke of the hurt and pain their addiction has caused, not only to them but to their children, their parents, their spouses, and so on.  They commented on how it is a continuous daily battle they fight.  I held back tears of my own when one man explained through his that he had to call his sponsor at the doorstep of the liquor store.

They also expressed the joy and happiness they have felt as a result of their endeavors to turn their lives around.  They love coming to these meetings because they’re all so supportive of one another.  They’re like family.  And for many of them, the people of AA are the only family they have.

I was so grateful for this experience and the insight I gained.  It thrills me to see people changing their lives for the better.